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Seen@PAX: The Behemoth's arcade

Above is the massive control panel that powers The Behemoth's untitled fourth game, currently codenamed "Game 4." After organizing their troops across a hex-based field, players confirm their selections with a tantalizing glowing green button, and send out orders by pulling an unusally shaped lever at their side, slot machine-style. After completing the PAX Prime demo, the screen instructs players to fill out a nearby comment card to rate the experience.

This isn't the only throwback hardware The Behemoth has on display at PAX, though. Hit the break below to get a look at some unique arcade cabinets created for Alien Hominid, Battleblock Theater, and Castle Crashers.

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Remasters of the universe: Obscure titles we want to revisit

It was no great shock when Sony released a PlayStation 4 version of its super-popular third-person title The Last of Us. Deep Silver bathing its new Metro franchise in the spotlight for next-gen consoles was no great surprise either.

A new generation seems to come with it a series of new versions of some of our favorite games. But what about the less obvious choices? Capcom bringing the original Resident Evil back makes sense, but what about Nintendo's cult-hit Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem?

The Joystiq staff has reached back into the last decade-plus for its obscure favorites to present a list of some games we would like to see make a return in remastered form.

Of course this is only a small slice of our favorite obscure games we'd want to revisit. Tell us your selections and why and they may be added to our gallery.

Hitman: Sniper evolves the downloadable pre-order bonus for mobile

Hitman: Sniper may carry a similar name as the Absolution pre-order bonus mini-game 'Hitman: Sniper Challenge' released in 2012, but the mobile and tablet device-exclusive is a new experience.

In the game first announced at E3 2014, players return to the scene of the crime as Agent 47 – the killer for hire anti-hero from the Hitman series. Players take up a perch and rid the world of 47's targets from afar. Though the game focuses on long-range sniping, earning a high score borrows from the tenets that make the main series a success. Even from a mile away and with a rifle, stealth and being creative are paramount.

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Peggle 2 pinballs, pachinkos to PS4

Peggle 2 is bouncing down to PS4 on October 14, PopCap Games announced today. The PS4 version includes classic and Xbox One version Peggle Masters.

Peggle 2 hit Xbox One at launch and the Xbox 360 in May, though in 2013 we learned that the game was bound for "as many platforms as possible," and a Korean rating for a PS4 version popped up that year. Surprise or not, Peggle 2 PS4 players can rejoice today (and again in October).
[Images: PopCap]

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Final Fantasy Type-0 launching within the next year

Final Fantasy Type-0 is expected to launch within the next year, Square Enix confirmed to Joystiq during a hands-off demo of the game at PAX Prime. The HD port of the Japan-only PSP game is a "speedy, action-oriented" spin on the series' formula, featuring real-time battles with 14 playable characters, three of which were shown in the demo. "We probably wouldn't age another year until it's released," the game's director Hajime Tabata said. Type-0's move to PS4 and Xbox One was announced at E3 in June.

Tabata stressed that Final Fantasy Type-0 is approaching a more mature tone in comparison to other games in the series, including magic and special abilities acting as "devastating attacks" that can cause enemies to burn to death, for example. Additionally, much of the feedback Square Enix received after launching the game in Japan revolved around its steep difficulty. To alleviate those concerns, the developer implemented four difficulty modes and tuned the combat balance so the HD port "makes sense for the big screen," Tabata explained.

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Titanfall Update 6 adds 8-on-8 combat with no 'bots

Developer Respawn has issued a new update for its flagship giant robot shooter, Titanfall, the highlight of which strips out said robots in favor of mano a mano gunplay.

Dubbed "Pilot Skirmish," the new gameplay mode removes both Titans and those pesky AI-controlled robots that most players view as vaguely intelligent cannon fodder. The result is a first-person shooter more akin to Halo or Call of Duty, but with the acrobatic movement and unique weaponry of Titanfall. Other changes include the addition of the "Marked for Death" mode to Titanfall's permanent roster of gameplay types, new UI options designed to aid colorblind players and the ability to win an "ultra-rare" Burn Card that allows players to access and use any Card from their stash during gameplay.

Game Update Six is now available to Titanfall players on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. For a full rundown of the update's tweaks, visit the game's official website.

Xbox One update adds Smartglass features, USB media playback

It's official, the Xbox One September update is poorly named, as it has already been released, days before September even begins. The update adds several new features, most notably the Media Player, which allows users to view and listen to media stored on a USB device. That includes pictures, music and movies. The player supports "dozens" of formats, according to Microsoft's Larry Hryb AKA Major Nelson. More formats will be added by the end of the year (including animated GIFs!), as will DLNA network playback.

SmartGlass gains the ability to post updates to your activity feed and read threaded messages. More importantly, SmartGlass can now be used to record gameplay clips. The party system gets some love as well, in particular the ability to require invitations and boot unwanted players. Users with limited internet plans will also be happy to know that the update now allows you to track your bandwidth usage. Perhaps the last noteworthy addition is the ability to have your Xbox One boot directly to TV when turned on.

Check out the video after the break for the full rundown of new features.
[Image: Microsoft]

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Game Show Night at PAX Prime: 3 hours of hilarious filth (and prizes!)

Is your life missing a deep, soul-warping sense of depravity? Could you use a few chuckles? Enjoy game shows? Has Joystiq got the PAX panel for you! As part of a long-running tradition, our own Managing Editor, Susan Arendt, will be hosting Blankety Blank, a disgusting but hilarious take on the classic game show Match Game.

Join Susan as she asks audience members to answer simple fill in the blank questions, in the hopes that their answers will match the answers of the five game industry panelists, including Russ Pitts of False Gravity, Kathleen de Vere and Graham Stark of Loading, Ready, Run, Chris Kohler of Wired and Ubisoft community manager Dan Amrich. The event begins at 9:00pm Pacific in the Hedgehog theatre at PAX. Fair warning (especially if you have kids): The panelists' answers will be filthy. Like, wash your mouth out with Borax filthy.

Blankety Blank is part of a massive, three hour long super panel, Game Show Night. The whole thing kicks of at 7:00pm Pacific with Pyramid, followed by Jeopardy at 8:00pm and, finally, Blankety Blank at 9:00pm.

If you're not attending PAX this weekend, you can catch all of Game Show Night on Twitch right here.

Launch day DLC coming to Fantasy Life, Hyrule Warriors

Among Nintendo's swath of announcements this morning is word that both Legend of Zelda-themed musou brawler Hyrule Warriors and open-world fantasy adventure Fantasy Life will receive downloadable additions at launch.

According to Nintendo, once players fire up Hyrule Warriors they will find an eShop download that adds a new weapon, new gameplay mode and the option to select your own background music to the Omega Force-developed Hylian melee. Fantasy Life, on the other hand, will receive new geography. Specifically, a place called "Origin Island," which is described as "a new area that is home to an ancient culture and powerful enemies, additional story content, new ranks to achieve in Life Classes, access to even more powerful equipment and two new varieties of pets to adopt: birds and dragons."

While the Hyrule Warriors DLC will be available at no cost to players, pricing details on Fantasy Life's Origin Island are currently lacking. Nintendo states that the DLC will be "available for purchase" at the time of the game's launch, but makes no mention of how much it might cost.
[Image: Nintendo/Koei Tecmo]

Three new 2DS Mario Kart 7 bundles race toward retail

Following Nintendo's earlier announcement of a new 3DS model, the Japanese gaming giant has also unveiled three new bundles headed to North America, including the 2DS handheld and a copy of Mario Kart 7.

According to Nintendo, at some point in "early October," retailers will begin to offer bundles including a download voucher for Mario Kart 7 and one of three new 2DS colors: Electric Blue, Crimson Red or Sea Green. Despite the inclusion of Mario Kart 7, these new 2DS bundles feature the same $130 price point as standalone 2DS handhelds.

Edit: This post initially stated that a standalone 2DS is available at $100, when it is in fact priced at $130.
[Image: Nintendo]

Castlevania producer Dave Cox leaves Konami after 17 years

Today is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer Dave Cox's final day at Konami, he announced on Twitter. Signed with the hashtag "#endofanera," Cox wrote the following:

"After 17 years I have decided to leave Konami to explore new opportunities. Today is my final day with the company."

In follow-up messages, Cox provided a personal highlight reel of his time at Konami, starting when he joined the company in 1997 as the UK product manager. His first project was Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. He then managed some of Konami's "biggest titles," including Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Pro Evolution Soccer and Suikoden. With a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow hashtag, Cox discussed his final bow.

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Soak up five minutes of Japanese Smash Bros 3DS footage

Image Though the commentary accompanying the above gameplay footage from the handheld Super Smash Bros. will only be understood by those who speak Japanese, the international language of an Italian plumber uppercutting a giant turtle monster speaks to all of humanity. [Image: Nintendo] ... Continue Reading

Joystiq Deals: Elite Android Hacker Bundle

This edition of Joystiq Deals brings you "over 52 hours of elite instruction" on how to build your own apps for the Android operating system.

The Elite Android Hacker Bundle includes seven courses from online learning platform Udemy that cover the gamut of skills necessary to create new apps under Android. From basic programming essentials to working with Java and online app security, the Bundle should bring neophyte programmers up to speed on the widespread mobile OS in a relatively short time.

Normally, purchasing all seven of these courses piecemeal would set you back $503, but for the next three days, Joystiq Deals if offering the bundle for $39. Pay a visit to the official Joystiq Deals website for full details and information on how to order a Bundle of your own.
Joystiq Deals is a partnership between AOL and StackSocial. A portion of sales goes to funding this site. Deals are curated by StackSocial independently of the Joystiq editorial team.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection revitalizes Halo 2's Lockout

One of the most beloved maps from Halo 2, the twisty-turny Lockout, is getting an extreme makeover in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Apart from looking much, much better, the new-and-improved Lockout will feature a few new gameplay twists, notably some extra cover near the grav lift and "a dynamic element that should help counter an entrenched group of enemies."

See it for yourself in new screens and a trailer after the break.

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Costume Quest 2 treats players to Oct. 7 launch on Steam

Costume Quest 2 launches on October 7 on Steam, with pre-orders live now and ripe for the picking – or tricking or treating. Pre-order the game across Mac, Linux and PC in two ways: Costume Quest 2 plus four classic costumes for $15, or pay $20 for the "Pre-Purchase Costume Quest 2 Bundle," which includes Costume Quest 2, Costume Quest, the Grubbins on Ice DLC and those four classic costumes.

The four included costumes are the Robot, Unicorn, Eyeball and Pumpkin. Each costume comes with its signature ability, Double Fine says: "Mow through Kronys with the Robot's 'Missile Barage' or bring back KO'd friends with the Unicorn's 'My Pretty Panacea.' Pumpkin can devastate groups with an 'All Hallows Eve' wind attack, while the Eyeball unleashes tears of fury via the 'EYE-agra Falls' ability."

This holiday season, Costume Quest 2 allows everyone to partake in the most sacred of all tasks: Saving Halloween. It's due out on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac and Linux, published by Midnight City and developed by Double Fine.

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